As a parent, you are in the best position to know what your child needs. No one else knows your child as well as you do. Consequently, when you are developing affirmations for your child you know best which affirmations will suit your child best.

We have some affirmations that all of our children say. They enjoy doing it and very quickly knew the affirmation just from looking at the picture on the flash card. These common affirmations are things that will benefit all of them. We are now developing some affirmations specific to the eldest child because she is able to read and say her own affirmations and there are some things that would benefit her specifically.

So it will be with your own children. You may have one who does not enjoy maths, for example. If that is the case you might develop a couple of affirmations that target that area. Is this going to make maths easy for him? No, not necessarily. But what it will do is influence his approach to the subject. And that can make all the difference. With suitable affirmations he will be more receptive to what is being taught and he will be more inclined to try harder rather than just giving up because he finds it unpleasant or difficult.

This change is not going to happen overnight. The key with affirmations is that they need to be recited reqularly and frequently to achieve a positive outcome. There is no point having the best affirmations in the world if they sit in a drawer somewhere and are never said. By starting our children on an affirmation program early in life we hope to develop a habit in them that will stand them in good stead in later life. Once they are older, they will be able to identify their own areas of need or improvement and be able to prepare their own affirmations.

In the meantime, the affirmations are helping to maintain in them a positive outlook on life, a desire to be helpful, an awareness of good manners and polite behaviour, and many other positive characteristics. This is not an onerous or heavy burden for them. As I mentioned earlier, they enjoy saying their affirmations and all the affirmations are doing is reinforcing what they are being taught at home anyway.